What is the best business that you could run? How to know that?

Suitable Business

Are you tired to be a worker and want to run your business? In this article, I would like to share what the suitable business that you could run and I will let you how to know that.

Basically, people have an ability to think. This is the main point while you do your business because you could think then use your ability as well. To find the best business that you could run is so simple. First, you need to determine what fields which you have a really good understanding.

If you ask a musician to sing, they will say that “I couldn’t do that because I am a musician”. Then if you ask a professor to entertain people, they will say “I couldn’t entertain people but I could teach them”.

We couldn’t do everything in this live but we can focus on one thing then we could understand it as deep as we can. I would like to ask you, what is your hobby? Each people has his/her hobby, of course, you should have to but have you do it very well?

Do you know that anything that we love could be turned into a business? For example, Mark Zuckeberg, he loves to code then he create facebook because that is related to his skill. Then, Bill Gates who is the founder of Microsoft. He has a passion for technology that is why he creates it.

Let us make it be simple if a person has a hobby to cook, what he could be? Of course, he could open a restaurant or even create a cooking tutorial video then spread it to youtube in order to earn money. Making business is so simple! even a baby could do that. How could?

If you have a baby, you could record the activity then spread it to youtube, you could earn money. Your baby could be popular. So, making business is so simple, all you need to do is to find your passion then create something new where no one do it. As the result, you will be the one who is success on making it.


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