Life is Short, Do Something Useful to This World

life is short

Life is short and almost every people knows about it. Could you count your age? of course, you can but could you count every memory in your life. Maybe since a year ago. Surely, it would be hard because we could have a lot of memories in our life.

Memory is an important thing to keep motivating us to have a really good life. People who have good memories they tend to have a high motivation to do anything in their life.

Once again, life is short, then you need to do something good in your life. You can do participating with a charity organism and do something great there. Life would be meaningful while we can help others from a difficult situation.

Sometimes, it is hard to do because every people has their egoism. Mostly, people do something for their self only because of their ego. They don’t think about others as long as they could give something useful for their self. However, how about others? Will anyone help them?

The answer is so simple, of course only some of them but mostly won’t. This is our time to do something great in our life. Could you imagine a balloon? What happens if you press a nail into a balloon? of course, it would be broke even though a really big balloon. Then, we could make it similar into our kindness in this life. A little kindness in our life, it could solve a really big problem that someone has.

This is our time to start a kindness in our self. I really hope that my article could help you to do something great in your life.


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