Life Would Be Perfect When We Help Others


Today, I would like to share my personal experience, this is about helping people in our life. Whether you believe it or not but this one is something like cannot predict. It does not have any logic. However, when you are truly want to help them you will be rewarded into something bigger than you gave.

It starts when I was down. There is no way I can do. I have done many experiments for a long time but none of them are successful until I promise to myself if my last experiment is successful. I will give all the income in a month for an orphan called Tia. Then, I will give 10% of the income for the next month.

Something happens in my life, I cannot imagine that the experiment was successful. From hundreds of things I can do, at least one thing can give a result for me. Within a month I generate income though it does not enough to fulfill all my living cost.

Unfortunately, at the end of the month. The experiments suddenly fail, it also unlogical. My website has been able to be included in Google News but it is dropped. I have no idea why but some people in Google forum said it is because of the copyrighted images.

If it is really true, how can the Google staff approve my website? I was so down at that time. However, I have generated some bucks. I remember my words that I will give it to Tia, it is truly hard. Sometimes, something across my mind that I’d better use the money for my self because my financial is so terrible.

However, I have a promise that I will give the money. I have to do that! Tomorrow, I went to Tia’s house, I give the money and I really feel that I have done something right. I left and hugged her. She smiled at me and it really cures all my burdens.

At that night, I was daydreaming about my life. I cannot do something right for my entire life. I always get fail when I do something. Suddenly, I wanna check one of my project which is failing. I was so curious how can it does not give income to me.

I opened the account and I was totally shocked with all things happened. I receive more than what I gave, the income even went so high. I am feeling like I am dreaming but it was really truly the fact I faced.

So, based on my experience we can learn that do not afraid to give something we have to other people. We all know that they need it more than us maybe we even think it does not enough for our living cost in a day but it can feed them for a month.


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