Keep Learning Until The End of Our Life!


There are many people who stop to learn because they think they have been quite enough especially to whom who already what they wanted for. This should be avoided because it will be a difficult situation when everything changes because we cannot adapt to the new situation.

The purpose to learn is to strengthen our knowledge. Whenever we want to jump into a new section, our knowledge would be very important. Besides that, learning also gives us more experience when we read about biography book. So, we can learn what should not we do and what should.

Stop Means End

If you stop learning then your life is done. Even, an animal always learns to be better than before. A lion would never stop learning and make a strategy to catch the prey. How about us? Will you stop learning because you have been lazy enough to study a new thing?

A new technology is always released almost every day. We must adapt to that thing because it would be the future our life. To people who cannot adapt, they would be difficult to survive.

How to Avoid it?

Avoiding is the best thing to do whenever you feel difficult to adapt to a new thing. You just need to keep doing it. Do not think about the result whether you can understand it or cannot but you have to do it until you know the progress. No one cannot learn anything, sometimes their laziness is the main factor of everything until they decide to stop learning.

Make Your Knowledge Rich!

When we have a rich knowledge in our mind. You are the right track because you can be what do you want to be. Do not ever stop learning because it is the gateway to our future and you will feel the result when your knowledge richer than the other people.


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